Defending the Right to Life

I know this is a long article, but worth the read. I recently stopped sitting on the fence in the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. I agree with many of the reasons listed in this article (non-religious reasons consistent with a Libertarian viewpoint). As a Libertarian, I could care less what people do to themselves, but the line is drawn when it comes to hurting others. I'm not the only Libertarian that has supported this viewpoint (Gary Nolan also supported pro-life). I'm not a religious wacko that's going to start bombing abortion clinics or killing abortion doctors, but I do believe it's wrong.


Our DNA is what defines us as both unique and human.
All men (or mankind) are endowed with certain unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (per the Declaration of Independence).
That life is defined at conception based on scientific definitions of life.
That abortion is extinguishing that life.

What I find very interesting is that liberals will defend the life every insect, animal, and plant in the name of protecting life, fight the death penalty..and at the same time vehemently defend abortion while defining a fetus as an "unviable tissue mass."

It occurs to me that there is an interesting side-affect of abortion. Abortion (along with cures to most STDs) has given rise to sexual promiscuity in that you can have sex without consequence (just as most STDs are now curable with the exceptions of Hepatitis, Herpes, and AIDS). I'm far from innocent (and still D&D free!), but I'm far more responsible now than I was in my youth, primarily because there ARE more serious consequences to promiscuity than when I was "sowing my wild oats"...death being one of the possibilities. Of course, the threat of death from sex would be nil if people were less promiscious.

Liberals hold their 60's mantra of "If it feels good, do it" high on their mantle. The way they should put it is, "Action without responsibility." The government will always support those that screw up...and if all else fails, blame the screw-ups on conservatives.

Though I am not passionate about this issue (meaning, I'm not going to march on any clinics, picket in front of an abortion doctors' homes, or shoot a doctor who performs abortion), I will support conservative candidates that will work to get Roe vs. Wade overturned.