Bush revives bid to legalize illegal aliens - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - November 10, 2004

This is a move I'm still trying to figure out. Though Libertarians are for open immigration, in light of the terrorism threat, I don't think that's sound policy. There still needs to be a process for documenting/regulating aliens and an process to apply for citizenship.

When Bush first brought up legalizing illegal aliens, I thought he was just pandering to the Hispanic vote (as it had no chance of succeeding). Now, it looks like he's serious. The big question is why.

Well, I've come up with a few theories of possible pluses:

1. By legalizing illegals, they'll now pay Social Security and Income Tax witholding (as opposed to cash). Employers will be able to legally hire "agricultural workers," thus improving the conditions (in theory).
2. The illegals may now be documented.
3. Creates a case where all undocumented aliens can be expelled from the country.

Now for the downside:

1. Additional immigrants from Mexico, may be a social burden in that agricultural workers do not get paid well. As the work tends to be seasonal, the ability for them to collect unemployment may be a strain on the system.
2. It may do little to ensure that our borders are secure.
3. It does little to address the REAL problem and why we have so many illegal aliens from Mexico...the failure of the Mexican economy. This is the biggest issue.

I really don't know or understand why the President feels the need to do this. He isn't catering to Hispanic voters as the election is over. He certainly isn't reaching across the aisle as Democrats feel that the plan doesn't go far enough. And the plan doesn't make conservatives happy either...many are in favor of tightening our borders. This one is truly perplexing....and I'd love to hear some opinions...


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