Welfare recipients could be tested for illegal drugs

It's about time. Most of my readers know how I feel about drugs to begin with (hate 'em, but feel they should be legal). I disagree with the ACLU that this is an invasion of privacy. Why?

First a little background. I totally disagree with the idea of welfare. Unemployment, yes....welfare no. Welfare creates a nanny state...and since welfare reform, more and more people have dropped off welfare and are on the path to self-sufficiency. The inherent problem with a "safety net" is that people don't have to strive for excellence in their lives. They can seek to exist because someone will always take care of them. Knowing that the safety net is gone, most people will pick themselves up and brush themselves off and make something of their lives. Much like a twentysomething kid getting kicked out of their parents' house (speaking from experience here) and forced to make it on their own. Of course, many will sink, but unless we're a communist/socialist state that the Democrats advocate, we can't save everyone. There will always be slackers.

That being said...and since I believe in personal responsibility...accepting welfare is optional. Nobody HAS to accept welfare and since the money comes from OUR tax dollars, there should be some level of personal responsibility tied into someone accepting welfare. Since a number of people are likely on welfare because they are drug addicts, shouldn't they have some accountability and responsibility to their own lives?

If an addict knew they could count on free money, without any accountability....what is their incentive to stop using drugs? What is their incentive to clean up and get a job? Where does personal responibility come into play? In the nanny state, nobody has personal responsiblity, because the government will take care of you no matter what.

Here's hoping that this trend catches on...


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