Luxury car sales zoom as more seek posh rides - 10/11/04

This is curious:

"Consumer confidence is sagging, national job growth is slumping and gasoline prices are prowling the $2 a gallon territory again, yet sales of the most expensive cars and trucks are humming."

Now what do you suppose the message of this article is? Hmmm.

Consumer confidence is sagging? Ok, so it went down, 1.1% in September from the previous month...but sagging? If it dropped 5% over a 2-3 month span, sure...but sagging?

National Job Growth is slumping? Nope...the economy added 96,000 jobs last month...yes, it was lower than expectations, but that's still 96k jobs added.

"While U.S. vehicle sales rose just 1 percent through September, demand for luxury brands jumped 7 percent..."

Finally, sales of luxury cars and trucks are up 7% while non-luxury cars and trucks are only having a 1% increase. Why? Well if you can read between the lies....it's basically saying that the rich are getting richer and want to display their wealth...while the rest of us can only afford regular cars, suffer with a lack of consumer confidence, no jobs, and high gasoline prices.

"Indeed, the luxury segment, generally defined to include cars and trucks with prices that start just over $30,000, seems to be immune from any sort of infection the economy may blow its way. "

Arrgh. The luxury car segment (aka "the rich") are immune from the suffering of the proletariat. They are always able to purchase luxury cars even in an economic downturn. Immune from infection!?! Is this becoming obvious yet?

"Strong sales of high-end vehicles reflect American’s growing desire for a taste of the good life, as do $5 lattes at Starbucks, an afternoon at the spa or a Williams-Sonoma table."

Of course, it isn't possible that since the tax cuts that the middle-class actually has put more money in their pockets and want to enjoy their increasing wealth. No...no way...isn't happening. It couldn't be that the tax cuts have been successful in jump-starting the economy and people are beginning to thrive again...nope...not happening. It's the evil rich getting richer (not that EVERYONE is getting richer) and enjoying their $5 lattes and afternoons at the spa. Damn those evil rich for enjoying their wealth (mostly earned through hard work)...all that money should go to the government and redistributed to the less fortunate. Of course, the article would never mention that the more money the "rich" spend, the more money that flows into the economy and the more jobs are created!

Does this article sound biased against people with wealth? When you read this article, look carefully at the connotations. For the first quote the message is that the rest of us are suffering, YET luxury car sales are on the rise. For the 2nd quote the message is that normal car sales rose JUST 1% while luxury brands JUMPED 7%. The third quote states that the luxury car segment (aka "The Rich") are "immune from any infection that the economy may blow its way." Who buys luxury cars? "The Rich" who are immune from economic downturns. For the 4th quote, the author knows that a majority of his readers (this is the Detroit News we're talking about) can't afford luxury cars, $5 lattes, etc.; so the Americans he's talking about "enjoying a taste of the good life" are wealthy.

The article does state ONE potential reason that luxury sales are up (besides the evil rich). Buried on one line in the middle of the article it mentions that luxury vehicles' higher residual value makes it attractive to leasing to people searching for midline vehicles. That is a good reason for luxury car sales to be up and would have been better story rather than the leftist message conveyed by the author.

When the media comes out as obviously leftist (such as the 3-letter networks) it isn't nearly as dangerous as articles like this which are far more subtle. Joe Average citizen reading the paper probably doesn't even see or notice the leftward tilt. They just take it at face-value that this article is about luxury car sales and has nothing to do with politics. Because politics isn't the subject, the writer was able to cleverly inject their bias against those able to purchase luxury vehicles. What this article does do reinforce the "tax cuts for the rich" , "rich-poor gap", and class-warfare empty rhetoric of the left.

The Moral of this story? Pay careful attention to the media. Just as Bloggers (who WERE paying attention) exposed the forged documents presented by Dan Rather as factual (and exposing him as a liberal lackey to those that didn't believe he was), we can expose the leftist media elsewhere. All that is required is that we pay attention.


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Here's the funny thing...yesterday I heard Tony Trupiani on his AM1310 radio show yesterday say that Sean Hannity is one the most dangerous people in America today. I actually laughed out loud. Check out this liberal dumbass's web site at www.thetonyshow.com and go to the "Tony Show Forums" link where you can trash or debunk some of the liberal ideologies.


Adam Chalmers

October 12, 2004 at 11:54 AM  

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