The Seattle Times: Local News: Washington's top 50 political contributors in 2003-04

For those of you that doubt that the Democratic party gets the bulk of their contributions from the very wealthy (whereas the Republicans get the bulk of their money from everyday citizens).

Top 15 - 14 Gave to Dems, 1 gave to both
Remaining 35 - 9 Gave to Republicans, 5 gave to both parties

More detailed nationwide data is available at www.opensecrets.org. The same trend holds true nationwide.

The big question is why?

My theory (and yes, it's a theory), is that in a socialist/communist system of government (yes, Democrats are at the very least Socialists), there is less competition and less upward mobility. So those in power, retain their power indefinitely. In a free market system, companies and individuals rise and fall based on competition (innovation, hard work, and technology advancement play a role in competition).

So, despite what Democrats would have us believe, they are not the "friends of the middle class" or "working poor". They are all in favor of the rich getting richer and retention of power even though "Tax cuts for the rich" is one of the items they rail against. If I get a tax cut, I could care less about ANY millionaire getting a tax cut. The more money a millionaire spends, the more money that pours into the economy and puts us "Average Joes" to work.  Besides, do you really think a millionaire "feels" their tax cuts the same way I would getting a $1k tax cut?  No.  To me $1k is a significant tax cut.  But $50k to a millionaire is mind-boggling to the rest of us, but really insignificant to them in terms of a millionaires "way-of-life."  Envy doesn't grant upward mobility...hard work and innovation does.

The harder we work, the more unique ideas we can come up with, the more likely we can acheive "upward mobility".  Conversely, the more money that goes to the federal government, the less that goes into the hands of ordinary citizens.  The more people employed/supported by the government, the more power the politicians have....you get the idea. 

More government=more power for politicians.  Less government=more power to the people (self-empowerment).


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